Once upon a time, there was this 21-year-old Brazilian girl who was sent to an island on the west coast of Norway, to be the leader of a delegation with four 11-year-old kids during a 28-day international program.

Inexperienced, but willing to do her best, she could never imagine she was about to have the time of her life, with lessons of friendship and love as a bonus...

On the very first day of this so called camp, this girl met another girl, about her age, who had the same name of her mother. To confirm such coincidence, in their first interaction, the “Norwegian mother” looked at the girl just like her “real mother” used to do when the little girl didn’t behave properly... The girl shivered... and they became friends.

July 2017: the girl is married, has two daughters. The oldest one is in the US, taking part in the same program her mother went to 25 years ago. In less than two days, because of a boat picture in Facebook, the girl decides to go to Norway, with her husband and her youngest child, to visit the other girl, divorced, three kids, a boyfriend and two step-daughters. She can’t explain or understand what made her take such an unexpected decision, since the plan was a vacation in South Africa. She still did not know, but the power of friendship was talking to her one more time…

Well, she had the time of her life again… It was shorter than the first time, but incredibly intense. There were both families involved, not just the two of them, but the flame was there, and they understood each other through their eyes, and they played, and they talked, and they sang together, and they had fun just like when they were twenty one. No, better yet. It felt like age has brought a special glance, a unique touch, a bound even more profound… The girl tried to explain to herself what was that feeling, but soon realized this was not important. She knew that she should stop thinking and enjoy every second, treasure each moment she was having the opportunity to live with her Norwegian “mother” again. And so she did.

And when it came the time to say goodbye, the girl hugged her friend real tight, for as long as it could be normally accepted, and under her husband’s puzzled eyes, entered the train with a bag full of new great memories, a slight press on her chest and the certainty of having been blessed with the most beautiful gifts two girls may have in life: friendship and true love.

Thanks mom... It has been a pleasure and an honor to be your friend. Love, Bel

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